Fire Prevention - Special Events

Public education is an important part of the Lake Johanna Fire Department mission. As members of the communities that we serve, preserving the quality of life in these communities is very important to us. We believe preserving the quality of life for our communities begins with the education of the individual citizens regarding the dangers of fire and other life threatening hazards. One way we do this is through the participation in major community events as well as small group events.

Each year, the Lake Johanna Fire Department joins our communities for a number of celebrations including:

  • North Oaks Community Fair
  • Slice of Shoreview
  • Night to Unite
  • Fire Prevention Open House

In addition to these community celebrations, the Lake Johanna Fire Department is also available for small group events upon request. Some of these events include:

  • Block Parties
  • Station Tours
  • Scout Tours

If you have an event and would like to have us be part of your celebration Submit a Request or contact Deputy Chief Matt Sather.